Directing a Church Children's Choir 101

Created specifically for children's choir directors, this 4-week online training course will help you develop practical skills and useful step-by-step processes to plan, direct, and teach children's choir on a weekly basis, and grow your choir ministry. Read more details.

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The Church Musician Primer

Designed for church music directors, keyboardists, and organists, this 4-week online keyboard skills class will equip you with key skills for playing, planning, organizing, leading, and accompanying, in rehearsal and in worship. Read more details.

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Organize Your Church Music Program

Featuring 25 minutes of step-by-step instruction, a 28-page eBook, and a collection of checklists, worksheets, templates, and printables to help you organize your church music program from top to bottom. Topics include: organizing your music library, organizing your files, organizing your choir room, and ways to stay organized.


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Free Online Workshops

10 Ways to Develop Musicianship in Children's Choir

I believe our church music programs are a wonderful way to inspire people in their faith and teach them about who God is, but also to give them a place to learn about music and develop their musicianship. I believe we can do both.

In this workshop, we'll explore what musicianship is and 10 practical things you can do to develop it little-by-little in your rehearsals throughout the year.


How to Read Lead Sheets & Chord Charts

"You want me to play that? Where is the left hand part? Where is the time signature? Why aren't there any barlines?"

In this workshop, I'll walk you through playing chords, reading chord symbols, reading lead sheets and chord charts, and creating your own accompaniments.

Download the corresponding practice files here.


7 Insider Tips for Aspiring Music Educators

Music careers in the 21st century are diverse and flexible and many of us will end up doing more than just one thing. No matter what your degree is in, I believe teaching will invariably be part of your career (if it isn't already).

In this workshop, I'll share seven of my best insider tips for designing and developing a 21st century music career and finding teaching opportunities in everything you do.