An online training course for
children’s choir directors

Enrollment will reopen in January 2018.

This course is designed for children’s
choir directors in church settings.

Whether you're a full-time staff member or a dedicated volunteer, whether you have a music degree or not, whether you lead a small group of six singers on Wednesday nights or oversee a large graded choir program, this course will equip you to lead, teach, and inspire your young singers and give you the practical skills and useful step-by-step processes you need to plan, direct, and teach on a weekly basis, and grow your choir ministry.

Do you find it challenging to find time to plan exciting, thoughtful, musical rehearsals for your children’s choir every week? From finding relevant, good-quality resources to choosing age-appropriate songs and anthems to preparing, introducing, and properly sequencing new musical concepts and skills throughout the year, the job can seem overwhelming at times. Where do you find music and materials? How do you develop musicianship in young singers? What makes a rehearsal fun and productive?

If you can relate to any of this, then this course is for you.

What's Included:

  • Four 45-minute instructional video lessons
  • Lifetime access to the course videos and materials
  • A comprehensive workbook including charts, templates, and worksheets
  • Weekly emails with notes, assignments, and action steps
  • Bonus! Access to an online community with fellow enrollees to network, ask questions, and share ideas and resources
  • Bonus! Live Q+A session

Course Overview

Module 1: Planning the Choir Year
We'll begin by talking about how to foster spiritual growth in children's choir: teaching children about church/worship, hymns and songs for children, prayers for choirs, devotion resources, and meaningful ways for children to participate in worship. Then, we'll go over the details of planning the choir year, including monthly themes, memory verses, monthly hymns or songs, challenges, activities/projects, and mission work.

Module 2: Working with Children’s Voices
In this module, we'll talk about the importance of vocal exploration, breath and movement, warm-ups, and tessitura/range, and I'll share a few ideas for adding in something fun/silly to keep children engaged. We'll also go over the ins and outs of choosing music and what to look for in an anthem.

Module 3: Planning Rehearsals
Being prepared and ready to teach is so important! In this module, we'll review some score-study tips and tricks, ways to prepare/introduce new musical concepts, and my best rehearsal advice for pacing, sequencing, and fun (musical) games and activities.

Module 4: Preparing to Teach
In this final module, we'll cover developing musicianship ("rote-to-note" and music-reading, phrasing, dynamics, musical form, rhythm), choral methods (breath, vowels, consonants, tone, blend, posture), vocal modeling, conducting and gestures, and using visual aids.

What People Are Saying

"Take Ashley's course; it's chock full of great ways to engage and inspire your
children's ensemble. My own attitude toward my kids' ensemble has changed from
dread to excitement at the prospect of a fresh new method this year!”

“An awesome resource that will help you have an awesome year!”

“I loved this course - it helped me completely re-shape my vision for our parish
chime choir and make it (hopefully) more  fun, educational, engaging, and spiritual.”

“Practical, well organized and helpful."

“The best part of the course was the ability to communicate quickly and effectively
with the teacher via email. Ashley was very understanding and helpful in assisting me
with adapting the course slightly to suit my own ensemble. The video presentations
were clear and easy to understand, and lots of outside resources and ideas were
provided to jumpstart the creative juices!”

“Very insightful, helpful and full of awesome and excellent resources!"

"A good fundamental training for working with children's choirs . . .
manageable, informative, flexible, and fun.”




Ready to get started?

Enrollment for this course is currently closed, but will reopen in January 2018.
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About Me

I'm Ashley Danyew - church musician and music educator based in Rochester, NY.

I have a Ph.D. in Music Education and a Certificate in Arts Leadership from the Eastman School of Music and over 15 years of church music experience: everything from starting and directing children’s and adult choirs to building a handbell choir program, accompanying services on the piano and organ to planning worship and overseeing the administration of a music program.

I can't wait to share all my secrets with you about how to plan, direct, and teach children on a weekly basis, and grow your choir ministry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will this course taught?

This course will be taught exclusively online. Videos, links, and course materials will be posted on a password-protected page on this site. 

I'm not on Facebook. Can I still take this course?

Yes! You will be invited to join a private group on Facebook to connect with other children's choir directors to network, ask questions, and share ideas and resources. This is not required to participate in the course - just an added bonus!

How long is this course and when does it start?

The course is four weeks long (one module per week), though there is a self-paced option, as well. Feel free to work at your own pace.

I want to take this course, but this is a busy month for me. What if I can't keep up?

No worries. I'm spreading out the content over the course of a month to help give you time to do the weekly assignments, but if you don't get to everything in a week, that's okay. You'll have lifetime access to the course videos and materials, so you'll have plenty of time to catch up or go back over lessons or assignments, if you need to.

Is this course for individuals only, or can I use it with my children's choir staff?

I would love to see this course used as a training resource for children's choir staff. Please contact me for more information.

What is your refund policy?

If your situation changes after you register and you are no longer able to take the course, please email me before the first day of class to receive a full refund. Once you begin the course however, your tuition payment is non-refundable.

What if I have other questions?

Please feel free to email me directly at I'm happy to answer your questions!