Giveaway Winner!


Ashley Danyew | giveaway Thanks so much to all who left comments here or posted something on social media.  I was so inspired by your stories!  Congratulations to Sarah, who wrote:

Christmas time is my favorite. It’s difficult to choose just one holiday memory. But there is one little moment that is tucked in my brain as a keepsake from years ago. It was when my Papa Sid was still living, and he and Grandmother were visiting us in Georgia for Christmas. It was Christmas Eve and my parents were still at church late (you’re familiar). I was probably 16 at the time, but as I never felt too old to curl up in Papa Sid’s lap, I did. I was probably as big as him then. We just relaxed there in the light of the Christmas tree, and he started sharing with me memories of when he and grandmother were young and dating. I can recall it vividly but sure wish I had a recording of his voice. I hope I will never forget that holiday moment- a treasured moment shared between grandfather and granddaughter in the bright love of the Christmas season.

Look for a fun package from me in the mail soon!