A New-and-Improved Worship Planning Worksheet for Church Musicians


Summertime, for me, means lunchtime walks through our new neighborhood, trips to the lake, farm stands, lots of fresh tomatoes, fuzzy peaches, happy hour on the porch, and fireflies at twilight. (And painting. Lots of painting.)

But, it also means planning and getting organized for the new year (and buying school supplies, because I will never out-grow that)!

A few years ago, I shared a worship planning worksheet, based on a system I was using at the time.

It worked for a few years, but thinking ahead to this year and trying to organize my music for efficient practicing sessions, I knew I needed a new system.

I mean, spreadsheets are great and all, but the rows are so long and looking at music through Christmas every week is a lot to take in. Am I right?

So, I created a new template, organized by month. Game-changer.

Also, instead of super-long, never-ending rows for each week with columns for each component of the service, I switched the orientation so the dates run along the top and the service music runs down the side (because that's just how my mind thinks about it). Now, I can easily see all the music I have planned, in manageable, monthly increments.

Plus, it fits neatly on an 11x17” piece of paper for easy printing. Win-win-win.

Free Worship Planning Worksheet

For all you fellow planners out there, this one's for you! Download
my shiny, new, ready-to-use worship planning worksheet by signing up below:

Happy planning! (And I'd love to hear your thoughts on the monthly organization!)

Photo credit: Ashley Ella Design