10 Ways to Develop Musicianship in Children's Choir [Video]

So, I've been thinking.

I believe our church music programs are a wonderful way to inspire people in their faith and teach them about who God is, but also to give them a place to learn about music and develop their musicianship.

I know it might seem optimistic, but with so many music programs being cut from schools, I think the church has a unique opportunity to provide children with experiences that help them grow as believers and musicians.

I believe we can do both.

Today, I'm talking about what musicianship is and 10 practical things you can do to develop it little-by-little in your children's choir rehearsals all throughout the year.

I thought I'd mix things up today and share this post in video format, just for fun. I hope you enjoy it! 

(And, P.S. Be sure to watch to the end for an exciting announcement!)

10 Ways to Develop Musicianship in Children's Choir - Free Online Workshop.png

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Thanks so much for watching!

I'd love to hear: How do you develop musicianship in your children's choir?