How to Write Your Own Handbell Processional

How to Write Your Own Handbell Processional

As church music directors, we talk a lot about music selection: worship planning, what fits with the lectionary, what will we do for Easter this year, etc. Most of these discussions revolve around finding the right piece of music for your group for a particular Sunday. But have you ever considered writing your own music? Let's start with a simple handbell processional.

A handbell processional is a short piece often used as an introit, fanfare, or acclamation. Processionals are often based on repeated patterns (1-2 measures in length), which makes them easy to learn and play from memory. They are particularly effective when played from the balcony, narthex, or while walking in and/or out of the sanctuary.

Here are a few audio/video examples, to give you an idea:

Festive Introit in C
Lenten Processional
Handbell Acclamation on "Azmon"