Ten Church Choir Anthems for Lent


Lent. A time of reflection, sacrifice, prayer, and grace - our own journey through the wilderness. It's a time of stripping away, going without (for example, the practice of "burying the alleluia" during Lent) to draw closer to God. More of Him, less of us.

There are six Sundays during Lent, plus any services that take place during Holy Week (between Palm Sunday and Easter).

As a church musician, this means several opportunities for reflective, contemplative anthems with themes of mercy, surrender, prayer, communion, love, grace, and redemption. I also love the theme of God as our Shepherd during Lent.

Looking for a few new Lenten anthems to add to your library? Here are a few of my favorites:

10 Favorite Anthems for Lent

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God So Loved the World (John Stainer)
SATB Choir, a cappella

A classic. This setting of John 3:16 is particularly effective as part of a Good Friday service.

Poor Wayfaring Stranger (arr. Victor C. Johnson)
SATB Choir with Piano

A sophisticated yet simple setting of the traditional spiritual with unique harmonies and rich piano accompaniment.

Mercy (Craig Courtney)
SATB Choir with Piano

A reflective, heartfelt prayer for mercy, incorporating the familiar phrase, "Kyrie eleison" (Lord, have mercy).

An Hour of Hallowed Peace (Steve Danyew)
SATB Choir with Piano

A flowing accompaniment and simple verse-chorus structure make this anthem appropriate and accessible for any Sunday during Lent, but especially Maundy Thursday or Good Friday.

And Can it Be? (Dan Forrest)
SATB Choir with Piano

A new setting of the old, familiar hymn text, this anthem begins quietly and gradually builds to a full chorus - "Amazing love, how can it be?" and draws to a reflective close.

I Saw the Cross of Jesus (Victor C. Johnson)
SATB Choir with Piano

A moving anthem for Lent with powerful, stirring text:

“I saw the cross of Jesus, when burdened with my sin; I sought the cross of Jesus, to give me peace within. I brought my soul to Jesus, He cleansed it in His blood; And in the cross of Jesus I found my peace with God.”

Jesus Paid it All (arr. Howard Helvey)
SATB, SSAA, or TTBB Choir with Piano

A traditional setting of this 19th century hymn, with elegant accompaniment.

Lamb of God (arr. F. Melius Christiansen)
SATB Choir, a cappella

Simple, yet profound setting of this well-loved German chorale.

Immortal Love, Forever Full (Dan Kreider)
SATB Choir with Piano

Beautiful harmonies, delicate melody, and powerful, poetic text.

Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us (arr. Lloyd Larson)
SATB Choir and Solo, a cappella

A quiet, beautiful setting of this well-known hymn text. I like the theme of God as Shepherd during Lent.

What are your favorite Lenten anthems? Please share in the comments below!

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