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How to Teach Your Children's Choir to Sing in Parts

How to Teach Your Children's Choir to Sing in Parts

Singing in parts is one of the great joys of choral singing. The challenge of singing an independent line and the fulfilling feeling of creating harmony and musical interest is both fun and motivating for singers (of all ages!).

But how do you teach that?

How do you introduce part-singing in children’s choir? How do you know if your young singers are ready to sing in parts?

Here are a few helpful tips:

Developing Musical Independence

In Teaching the Elementary School Chorus, Linda Swears suggests, "Good part singing can only occur when students have developed their ability to sing independently.” (source)

This is so important. Don’t rush into singing in parts before your choir is ready; instead, focus on laying a solid foundation for developing musicianship and choral skills by giving your choristers lots of opportunities to try, experiment, manipulate, and listen to their singing voice and the voices of those around them.