I love being organized (another reason why I love office supply stores, as you may have read here). I love file folders, binders, and shelf space. My closet is organized by color (hangers included). So, as you can imagine, I have daily to-do lists. Today, I discovered the wonders of TeuxDeux. Now I can organize my to-do list days in advance... let that sink in for a minute. Imagine the possibilities! When transforming my to-do list into a TeuxDeux list, I realized that in the mix of "email _____" and "check _____," I had several insurmountable tasks which inadvertently rolled over from yesterday's to-do list. Of course, they're not really insurmountable, they're just too big to tackle in one day. Solution? Break each target item into 3+ action steps, as described here (see the chart?) This way, I am making progress toward my larger goals in small, manageable pieces. For instance:














Happy weekend, friends and cheers to a very productive week to come!