Brand New

What an exciting day!  I have been refining my brand, discovering my voice, and building a new website for several months now (translation: I now know waaaay more about HTML code, RSS feeds, and Wordpress than I ever thought I would need to know!).  I am so excited to finally share all of that with you today!

This is a reflection of who I am: my passions, my experiences, my personality, and my aspirations.  Thanks so much to my brother, Nicholas Garofalo for all of my new headshots and for Lara and Emily at Making Brands Happen for all of the business and branding advice!  Also, a huge thank you to Steve for the months of support, proofreading, web hosting assistance, and so much more.

Among these pages, you'll find stories about me and the work I love, details of my current and recent music projects, my philosophy of teaching, and this blog, which will focus on my work and teaching experiences.

Discovering and refining my authentic core has been a soul-searching experience and I'm so thankful for each step I've taken during the process.  Thank you for being a part of this journey and for taking the time to visit!  I hope you stay awhile!