June: Getting Organized

Let me preface this first item by saying I may or may not be the girl who adds things she’s already done to her to-do list just so she can cross them off.  Even though both of these events are already over, they both happened in June so they count! Studio recital + choir program.  Steve and I had our joint studio recital on Saturday morning and everyone did such a wonderful job!  It was a cold, rainy morning in MA – perfect weather for gathering inside to hear some great music!  On Sunday afternoon, the Sanctuary Choir (my adult group) had their spring program (read more here).  Though we were missing a few of our members, it was a wonderful way to finish the choir year and it was a beautiful reflection of the “reason we sing.”

Now, to continue with the things left to do this month:

Insurance.  This is one of those “it’s so much fun being a grown-up” items.  This month, we need to meet with an agent to determine whether or not we can keep our car insurance as it is when we move, research new health plans, and figure out how to cancel our current plans.

Schedule lessons for summer term.  We have a crazy travel schedule this month so I’m taking a break between my spring and summer terms and just offering lessons during the month of July.  I’d like to have this schedule set in the next week or two so that I can be ready to start when we get back into town.

Catch up on paperwork.  There’s a stack of papers on my desk… tax documents, paycheck stubs, orientation papers for Eastman, things to be filed, things to be mailed at some point, etc.  Time to clear the clutter, get things organized, and get caught up on paperwork!

Find a new apartment.  I am so excited about this!  If you missed my post last week, Steve and I are moving back to Rochester, NY this summer so I can begin work on my PhD (yay!!).  We’ve been doing some research via Craigslist, Trulia, Apartments.com, Zillow, etc., etc. but I can’t wait to see some of these places in person in a few weeks!  This is Part I of our crazy travel plan and…


Music and Arts Week is Part II!  After a hopefully successful apartment search, we’re flying down south to spend a few days with my family and attend a week-long sacred music conference in NC.  Good music, good friends, beautiful lake, and Granny’s Chicken Palace, here we come!

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