Welcome, 2012

Happy New Year and welcome, 2012! We celebrated the final week of 2011 with four Christmases in three states! Today, however, we are back home and back at work. Though much of my work revolves around the academic year (September-June), there's something about the new calendar year that inspires me to set new goals, re-organize, and re-balance my priorities. It's a time to re-focus on the things that matter and start fresh. I saved this graphic when I came upon it a few weeks ago. I think it's a great reminder of important items that don't generally make my resolution list.

- Keep the faith. Think positively even when surrounded by negativity, stay strong even in the midst of frustration and weakness, find new ways to actively build my faith throughout the year, commit to worry less. Professionally and personally, these are words I want to live by this year.

- Pursue excellence. True excellence - a standard of passionate and dedicated work, a new definition of success (more on this later).

- Make more decisions. Powerful, effective decisions. Changing the pattern of indecisiveness, learning to make decisions without seeking outside input, and collaborating with others without deferring.

The other day, I re-encountered this quote: "Indecision is the seedling of fear." - Napolean Hill. I want 2012 to be a year of learning how to make more decisions, a year of overcoming fear, and a year of making excellent things happen.