On Being an Entrepreneur

Do your best. Hold fast to your core values. Create something that matters. Do good work. Help others. Be kind. Add value to those around you.

These statements are very much in line with my core values as a teacher and business owner.

I want to encourage creativity in others, share learning experiences, and inspire those who have a passion for making music.  The words above remind me to focus on the things that add value, promote excellence, and make a difference to someone.

It was never about how to make money or be "successful" (as others define it).  Those of you who consider yourself entrepreneurs or creatives know what I'm talking about.  We do what we do because our heart and soul demand it.  It's not about power or prestige, it's about creating a legacy that you can be proud of.

It's about holding on to your values and the things that make you YOU.  It's about being honest and authentic in the work you do and the relationships you build.  These things are at the heart of our passion, aren't they?  It's that desire to do something meaningful, make something beautiful, and see things from new perspectives.

I find an immense amount of hope and inspiration and possibility in these words - I hope you do, too.