May Goals


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April was a good month - a busy month, but a good one.  Our little bell choir played two special pieces on Easter Sunday, we had happy hour on the roof for the first time this season, and we tried a few new recipes.  I finished several school projects (one step closer to the end of the semester!), received my article in print form (ahh!), wrapped up the Piano Olympics Festival, finished reading Margin, and sent out the first edition of a new email newsletter - short notes of inspiration, helpful resources, and creative ideas for music teaching.  The second edition will be on its way to your inbox this afternoon!  Not on the list?  Sign up here

I am so grateful for the longer, brighter, warmer days; our evening walks down Park Ave., and time to sit outside and be still at the end of busy work days.  May is when the magnolias bloom all over the city.  It's also the beginning "festival season" in Rochester - looking forward to attending two festivals this month!  Here are my goals:


Take a walk down East Ave. during the annual Busker Festival
Do some form of intentional exercise every day
Start reading A Million Little Ways
Continue intentional time off of social media
Go to the Lilac Festival with SD
Write year-end summary letters for each student (Piano teachers - have any of y'all done this before? Something new I'm trying this year.)
Choose final recital repertoire with students, plan details
Prepare workshop materials for June conference
Go see The Amazing Spider-Man 2!
Write out ideas/vision for new blog series (very excited about this!)

Happy May, y'all!  What are you most looking forward to this month?