Prayers for Choirs: No. 6

A devotion and prayer for church choirs about healing and redemption

Just when we thought we were healing, picking up the broken pieces and putting things back together, trusting one other and believing in our society, our nation once more, we find ourselves right back here again. Surrounded by chaos and conflict and confusion. Lost in the darkness of hatred and anger and prejudice and fear.

The mass shooting in Orlando last week is just one in a string of tragedies we've had to face as a nation. How do we respond? How do we lead? How do we pray?

In times of unspeakable tragedy and loss, times where it feels like hate is winning, and times when we feel afraid of what's to come, we pray for relief and redemption and grace.

For the hurting, grieving, and persecuted, we pray for comfort, peace, and security.

For the difficult conversations we're having as a nation and the challenging days ahead, we pray for guidance, wisdom, and justice.

When we don't know what to say or how to help, we pray that God would speak through us.

When it feels like God is silent, we pray for love and light and faith.

Let us pray.


Dear God,

We come before you with heavy hearts, confused and hurting and angry about the injustice in our world. We don’t know what to say or how to help or how to feel in times like this. So much violence. So much hatred. So much fear.

We come to you because we know you see what’s happening in our world and your heart aches with ours. Coming before you in prayer reminds us that you are sovereign. That you have overcome the world. That you grieve with us when innocent lives are lost. That you are close to us when we call on you.

Lord, we know that you are a God of redemption, of hope, of new life. A God of healing and transformation. A God of justice and love. Fill us with your spirit that we might be love and light in the world around us. That we might reflect your hope and glory.

That little by little, we might choose love over hate, faith over fear, peace over anger. That we might love as you love - pure and selfless and unconditional - and extend the kind of grace, hospitality, and acceptance you show us to everyone we meet.

We pray for those who are hurting, those who are lost, those who are in darkness right now. Pour out your healing, redemption, and grace upon them. Shine your light into the dark corners of our world, and of our hearts, and help us to do your work.

Lord, hear our prayer.


© 2016 Ashley Danyew

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