Valentine's Day

Celebrate Valentine's Day with These Fun, Creative Music Games

Celebrate Valentine's Day with These Fun, Creative Music Games

Valentine’s Day is just over a week away!

Now, I know what some of you are probably thinking: Valentine’s Day isn’t a real holiday! Why should we “celebrate” this in our lessons and rehearsals?

I’m inclined to agree that Valentine’s Day is basically a Hallmark holiday, but at this point in the year, I’ll take pretty much any excuse to mix up my regular teaching routine and introduce something a little whimsical and fun (especially when gummy candy is involved!).

Valentine Composition Project

As a young piano student, I had a teacher that assigned Valentine composition projects. 

The task was to create a song with words for a friend or family member, notate it in lessons with her guidance, and perform the musical valentine for the person you chose. I remember sitting at the piano in our living room, playing with patterns and ideas until something stuck.

Here is a little sample:


Somehow, I always managed to create something beyond my reading abilities (e.g. Gb-major, anyone?) but my teacher was extremely patient and caring and by Valentine's Day, without fail, I had a newly-notated composition in hand. 

This was always a fun time of year for us and I remember feeling such pride in seeing my composition in written form.

Ashley Danyew | Valentine Composition 1

Five-Finger Valentine Composition Project

This year, I'm passing on the tradition to my piano students. I decided to structure the project a bit - the first version (pictured above) is for my 1st grade students (based on a 5-finger scale) and the second (pictured below) is for my elementary students who have some experience composing 2-part music.

Ashley Danyew | Valentine Composition 2

Two-Part Valentine Composition Project

Free Downloads

Valentine Composition Project [5-Finger] for beginning students

Valentine Composition Project for elementary students

Feel free to download these PDFs to use in your studio (for your personal use only). Happy composing!