Around the World: The Food

This year, I planned an "Around the World" theme for my children's choir (1st-8th grade). As we approach the end of the choir year, I am planning an International Night/end-of-the-year party to celebrate!  Today's post is all about the food. There are lots of resources out there for creating colorful, party-friendly plates that represent flags from around the world.  Since that was the basis for my visual inspiration for the year, it worked out perfectly!  Many everyday food items are colorful by nature and with a little bit of creative presentation, the theme will come alive.


To make this relatively easy and kid-friendly, we decided to make homemade pizzas look like flags with green, red, and orange vegetables (think peppers, tomatoes, basil leaves, and pepperoni).  This way, everyone can bring a topping to share and the kids can have a hand in putting everything together.  Also, any topping leftovers can be used as a pre-dinner snack!

For dessert, there are always several options to choose from.  From cupcakes to cookies to fruit trays, the sky is the limit! I love the idea of sending a decorated cookie (like these) or a world lollipop home with each child as a favor.  What do you think?

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