When Mondays Happen

I gave in to Monday pretty early in the game today.  I admit it. Perhaps it was the man who walked out in front of my car on the way to school this morning and DIDN’T EVEN TURN AROUND as I slammed on the breaks.  Perhaps it was having to bounce back and forth between my office (shared by other adjuncts and students taking make-up tests) and the conference room trying to get a little work done before class this afternoon.  Perhaps it was the student who didn’t show up for their lesson this morning.  Or perhaps it was 45 minutes later when I decided to take that phone call and within minutes, said student appeared, knocking on the door of the practice room where I was “hiding.”

The point is, I gave in.  This was not my timing.  Things were not going according to my plan for the day.  I was frustrated with myself and the people around me.  I cringe just reading those words.  Who wants to be that person?!

At some point in the afternoon, I realized the response to things not going as planned is not to give in or give up but simply to go with it.  Accommodate.  Adjust.  Revise.  Move on.  You know what happened after I made this mental switch?  I spoke with a student before class instead of meeting with her during my lunch break.  I got a sweet message from a friend.  I had great lessons with a 6- and 8-year-old brother/sister pair preparing for the upcoming recital.  My last student of the day cancelled (not great in and of itself but it meant I got to leave early!).  I had cheese straws as a pre-dinner snack.  We received an unexpected, generous sponsorship for the WCMW.  Suddenly, Monday wasn’t so bad after all.

Change your expectations.  Adapt.  Adjust your course of action or make a new course altogether.  Go with it and live today to its fullest potential.