Worship Planning Theme: Spirit

Worship Planning Theme: Spirit

Hooray! You made it through Easter!

Pull out those leftover chocolate eggs and a pad of paper, because there's not much rest for the weary, as they say.

It's time to plan for Pentecost!

Each year, we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday (June 4, 2017). 

On Pentecost Sunday, we remember the story from the book of Acts about how the apostles gathered, were filled with the Spirit, and with tongues of fire resting above their heads, began spontaneously speaking in different languages. 

This was the beginning of the church, in a way - a group of people that gathers together and goes forth to share the Gospel throughout the world.

Todayโ€™s post is all about planning a worship service centered on the Holy Spirit. From hymns, spirituals, and contemporary worship songs to choir anthems, liturgy, and visual aids, everything in this post would work well for a Pentecost service, but may also work throughout the season of Ordinary Time in a service focused on the Spirit.