Adult Choir Resources

Adult Choir Rehearsal Plan Template

Plan your weekly (90-minute) choir rehearsal in no time with this helpful printable! Print, fill in your rehearsal items (warm-ups, music for Sunday, anthems, etc.) and you're good to go!

50 Awesome Choral Warm-Ups for Church Choirs.png

Choral Warm-Ups

A collection of 50 fully-notated vocal warm-ups to use with your choir. Includes warm-ups suitable for all ages!

10 Theme Ideas for Your Next Choir Program Workbook-23.png

10 Theme Ideas for Your Next Choir Program Workbook

Get a head start on planning your next choir program with this helpful workbook, including 10 starter ideas and space to make them your own.


My Country 'Tis of Thee

Save time and mental energy with this quick-and-easy printable. Includes "My Country 'Tis of Thee" in six keys: F, G-flat, G, A-flat, B-flat, and D-flat major - perfect for choral voicing!

The Planning Kit for Adult Choir Directors

Everything you need to get organized, plan rehearsals, and lead with confidence. Save time and hassle with this 23-page collection of printables, templates, and worksheets designed specifically for adult choir directors in church settings.

The Choir Year in Review: Workbook

Take some time at the end of your choir year to reflect on and evaluate what worked well and what didn't work. Where did you see signs of growth and where is there room for improvement? This workbook includes 16 questions to help you get started, plus space to write in your answers.

Children's Choir Resources

Children's Choir Rehearsal Plan Template

Rehearsal-planning made easy! This printable template is designed to help you plan a fun, engaging, and productive 30-minute children's choir rehearsal. Print and enjoy!

Games for Children's Choir eBook.png

Games for Children's Choir

A collection of 62+ games and activities for children's choirs of all ages, including step-by-step directions for how to play, plus links to video demonstrations, where applicable.

Free Rhythm Pattern Cards-67.png

Rhythm Pattern Card Set

This free printable card set features 16 rhythm patterns cards in duple meter. Use them for call-and-response, a gathering activity, or a fun game at the end of rehearsal. Four beats per card.

What to Teach When in Children's Choir eBook.png

What to Teach When eBook

A comprehensive guide on what to teach when in preschool, younger elementary, and older elementary children's choirs, including checklists of appropriate musical skills and concepts.

The Planning Kit for Children’s Choir Directors

Everything you need to get organized, plan fun and engaging rehearsals, and teach with confidence. Save time and hassle with this 22-page collection of printables, templates, and worksheets designed specifically for children’s choir directors in church settings.

38 Ways to Sing it Again: Silly Ideas for Your Children's Choir - free printable card set.png

38 Ways to Sing It Again Card Set

We all know the importance of repetition when learning; but instead of simply asking your choir to “sing it again,” give them something specific to try or do differently. This printable card set includes 38 silly ideas.

Tonal & Rhythm Pattern Card Set (Younger Elementary)

Help your younger elementary children learn the language of music with this printable 152-card set. Designed for children in K-2nd grade, this set includes 88 tonal pattern cards (major + minor) and 64 rhythm pattern cards (duple + triple).

Tonal & Rhythm Pattern Card Set (Older Elementary)

Help your older elementary children develop their music-reading skills with this printable 216-card set. Designed for children in 3rd-5th grade, this set includes 88 tonal pattern cards (major + minor) and 128 rhythm pattern cards (duple + triple).

Youth Choir Resources

The Planning Kit for Youth Choir Directors

Everything you need to get organized, plan fun and engaging rehearsals, and teach with confidence. Save time and hassle with this 24-page collection of printables, templates, and worksheets designed specifically for youth choir directors in church settings.

Organizing Resources

Music Budget Worksheet

A color-coded budget worksheet (Microsoft Excel file) for your church music program. The first page of this document has budget vs. actual summaries, pie charts, and a bar graph to show current YTD spending. The second page has a transaction log for all of your program expenses (anything you add on page 2 auto-fills on page 1! How cool is that?).

Folder & Robe List

A printable for your choir room to help everyone keep track of their folder and robe numbers. See more ideas for organizing your choir here.

Choir Sign-Out Calendar

A printable 12-month calendar for your choir room to keep track of important dates and choir member sign-outs. Each month includes five weeks worth of blank dates and a hymn quote at the bottom - just print and add dates!

Handbell & Instrumental Resources


10 Ways to Make Your Own Instrumental ArrANGEMENTS

A printable version of this post. Even if you don't consider yourself an arranger, this printable includes ten easy (and practical) ideas for making your own instrumental arrangements for worship services. Resource links included!

Handbell Notation Guide-29.png

Handbell Notation Guide

A printable handbell notation guide, including the symbols you'll see in the score plus directions on how to play them. Print one for yourself and one for each of your ringers to keep in the back of their binders.

Rhythm Pattern Card Set by Ashley Danyew.png

Rhythm Pattern Card Set

Help those you teach learn the language of music and develop their rhythmic-reading skills with this printable 192-card set (duple and triple meters).


Glorioso for Handbells

A short, festive acclamation or introit for 16 bells. Perfect for your beginning bell choir (the piece is built on simple, repeated rhythmic patterns - no music required!). Works well as a processional!

How to Harmonize and Re-Harmonize a Hymn or Song for Worship Workbook-25.png

How to Harmonize a Hymn or Song Workbook

This 12-page workbook will walk you through my step-by-step process for harmonizing (and reharmonizing) hymns and songs for worship.

Worship Planning Resources


5 Creative Worship Order Templates

Five helpful (and practical) templates for worship planning. Find unique, creative ways to organize your worship services, with sample templates from different denominations and different churches across the country.

Free Holy Week Service Template and Lenten Resource Guide by Ashley Danyew.png

Holy Week Service Template + Lenten Resource Guide

A 2-page Holy Week service outline featuring art, music, and readings + a Lenten resource guide for church musicians and worship planners. See the full post for more details + planning resources >>


Worship Planning Worksheet (2018-19)

A printable (11x17"), month-at-a-glance worship-planning worksheet for the 2018-19 year. Keep track of all your worship planning notes, themes, service music, anthems, etc. for every Sunday of the year.

Worship Arts Team Worksheet

Plan and organize your time with your worship arts team with this helpful worksheet. Talk through upcoming Sundays and special services and jot down notes, ideas, and creative projects.

Freelancing Resources

Work Retreat Workbook - Ashley & Steve Danyew.png

Freelance Work Retreat Workbook

A printable workbook to help you plan, organize, and prepare for a freelance work retreat and grow your business.


Batching Worksheet

A simple process to help you be more productive, especially when managing multiple projects! Read more in this post. This three-page printable includes a project task page, batching worksheet, and daily schedule for time-blocking.

Resume-Writing Guide-30.png

Résumé-Writing Guide

This downloadable guide includes a free sample résumé, an annotated résumé template with more helpful tips and suggestions, and a list of 35 action verbs you can use - all designed specifically for professional musicians.

Piano Teaching Resources

Piano Olympics Planning & Resource Guide

A great studio incentive for winter/spring, but especially for a Winter Olympics year! Each color represents an aspect of musicianship: creativity, performance, aural skills, sight reading, and technique. Students choose which activities they'd like to complete in each category. Activities, resources, and musical material included for Prep A, Prep B, and Level 1.


Major Scale Fingering Chart

A streamlined, one-page printable with scale fingerings for both hands in all major keys. Perfect for elementary-age students!


Minor Scale Fingering Chart

A two-page printable with scale fingerings for both hands in all minor keys (natural, harmonic, and melodic versions included).

Piano Assignment Sheet

A printable assignment sheet for beginning and elementary-age students. Includes: practicing log, technic, new and review pieces, musicianship (rhythmic review, aural skills, theory, sight reading, etc.), and creativity (e.g. make a piece that is ___ measures long and uses ___)

Valentine Composition Project (5-Finger)

A great way to incorporate composition into your beginner lessons. Hand position is limited to the C major pentascale. For extra fun, ask your students to write words to go along with the melody they create!

Valentine Composition Project (2-Part)

A great way to get elementary-age students composing! For an extra challenge, have students compose lyrics and perform their new piece for a friend or family member on Valentine's Day!

Goal Setting Worksheet

A 3-page printable to use with your students this year to set short-term (3-month) achievement, music for good, and creativity goals plus space to write out a few actions steps for each one. Based on this post on goal-setting by Teach Piano Today.