Church Music

Music Budget Worksheet

A color-coded budget worksheet (Microsoft Excel file) for your church music program. The first page of this document has budget vs. actual summaries, pie charts, and a bar graph to show current YTD spending. The second page has a transaction log for all of your program expenses (anything you add on page 2 auto-fills on page 1! How cool is that?).

Glorioso for Handbells

A short, festive acclamation or introit for 16 bells. Perfect for your beginning bell choir (the piece is built on simple rhythmic patterns that repeat as many times as you like - no music required!). Works well as a processional (if you can get your group to ring and walk at the same time!).

5 Creative Worship Order Templates

Five helpful (and practical) templates for worship planning. Find unique, creative ways to organize your worship services, with sample templates from different denominations and different churches across the country.

10 Ways to Make Your Own Instrumental Arrangements

A printable version of this post. This printable includes ten easy (practical) ideas for making your own instrumental arrangements for worship services. Resource links included!

Children's Choir Rehearsal Template

Rehearsal-planning made easy! This printable template is designed to help you plan a fun, engaging, and productive 30-minute children's choir rehearsal. Print and enjoy!

My Country 'Tis of Thee

Save time and mental energy with this quick-and-easy printable. This PDF file includes "My Country 'Tis of Thee" in six different keys: F, G-flat, G, A-flat, B-flat, and D-flat major - perfect for choral voicing!

Folder & Robe List

A printable list for your choir room to help everyone keep track of their folder and robe numbers. Looking for more? See other organization ideas for church music programs here.

Choir Rehearsal Plan Template

Plan your weekly (90-minute) choir rehearsal in no time with this helpful printable! Print, fill in your rehearsal items (warm-ups, music for Sunday, anthems, etc.) and you're good to go!

Choir Sign-Out Calendar

A printable 12-month calendar for your choir room to keep track of important dates and choir member sign-outs. Each month includes five weeks worth of blank dates and a hymn quote at the bottom - just print and add dates!

Worship-Planning Worksheet (2016-17)

A printable, month-at-a-glance worship-planning worksheet for the 2016-17 year. Keep track of all your worship planning notes, themes, service music, anthems, etc. for every Sunday of the year.

Piano Teaching

Piano Olympics Planning & Resource Guide

A great studio incentive for winter/spring, but especially for a Winter Olympics year! Each color represents an aspect of musicianship: creativity, performance, aural skills, sight reading, and technique. Students choose which activities they'd like to complete in each category. Activities, resources, and musical material included for Prep A, Prep B, and Level 1.

Piano Assignment Sheet

A printable assignment sheet for beginning and elementary-age students. Includes: practicing log, technic, new and review pieces, musicianship (rhythmic review, aural skills, theory, sight reading, etc.), and creativity (e.g. make a piece that is ___ measures long and uses ___)

Major Scale Fingering Chart

A streamlined, one-page printable with scale fingerings for both hands in all major keys.


Minor Scale Fingering Chart

A two-page printable with scale fingerings for both hands in all minor keys (natural, harmonic, and melodic versions included).


Valentine Composition Project (5-Finger)

A great way to incorporate music composition into your beginner lessons. Hand position is limited to the C major pentascale. For extra fun, ask your students to compose their own words to go along with the melody they create!

Valentine Composition Project (2-Part)

A great way to get elementary-age students composing! For an extra challenge, have students compose lyrics and perform their new piece for a friend or family member on Valentine's Day!


Batching Worksheet

A simple process to help you be more productive, especially when managing multiple projects! Read more in this post. This three-page printable includes a project task page, batching worksheet, and daily schedule for time-blocking.