February Goals


Ashley Danyew | February Goals Happy February!

I don't know about y'all, but January was a l-o-n-g month. Though a little busy at times, it was full of some really good things - I met a few really big goals, pressed "send" on a big fear, and challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone a few times. However, I had multiple projects on my plate all the time and between the early working mornings and late working nights, I got a little burnt out. This is my final semester of PhD coursework (hooray!) and I want to enjoy it instead of letting it consume me. This month, I want to set better boundaries. I want to be better at separating work from my personal life. I want to take more deep breaths. Here's to a great month!


Present my first workshop in Knoxville! Set more work boundaries Plan the first-ever "Piano Olympics" for my studio! Begin planning year-end recital (book venue, communicate with parents) Start organizing tax materials and write the next "Taxes for Freelancers" post Plan studio goals for March Schedule 60 minutes of intentional exercise per week Volunteer with RAIHN (a hospitality organization for homeless families) Start a new 7-week handbell choir session Go skiing with SD

What are your February goals?