Taxes for Freelancers - Part I

Ashley Danyew | Taxes for Freelancers

I'm excited to share this post with you today, the first in a mini series on taxes for freelancers.

I know, taxes are super fun and exciting, but as a freelancer, it's part of managing your own small business.

SD and I have been doing our own taxes for more than five years now, and, while we don't consider ourselves experts by any means, there are a few things we've learned along the way. I'll be sharing a little bit of our process in upcoming posts.

To get us started, I pulled together five helpful resources on where to begin and getting organized (always a good refresher, even if you've been doing your own taxes for a few years now!):

1. How to Do Your Taxes if You're a Freelancer
2. Tax Filing Tips for Freelancers and Bloggers
3. Tax Tips for Self-Employed Professionals, Freelancers and Contractors
4. Freelance Taxes #1: The Basics of Getting Started and Preparing Your Taxes
5. Tax Advice for Freelancers in 2014

Do you do your own taxes? What are some of the things you've learned as a freelancer?