Goals for 2014: July Update


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Can you believe we're more than halfway through 2014?! It's been a crazy year so far but a lot of good has come from it! Here is an update on the goals I set at the beginning of this year:


Schedule more emails - Boomerang is the best. I schedule all my invoices at once each month - huge time-saver!

No checking email after dinner - I did pretty well with this during the semester, but I've slacked off this summer. Time to get back to better boundaries!

Streamline the workflow of my business - I did some research at the beginning of the year on invoice management programs, but I'm not sure it's the right time to introduce something like this into my studio. Working on a few new plans for billing and payments to implement in September.

Start a new mini blog series - Yes! I created a Taxes for Freelancers series this spring - see posts here, here, here, and here.

Read The $100 Startup - Started it this month!

Ashley Danyew | 2014 Goal Update


Less planning before lessons, more discovery in lessonsYes and yes.

Set monthly goals for the studio – things to focus on in each lesson - I did this during the spring and it worked really well. I'd like to find ways to be a little more intentional about it in the fall.

Think of ways to send formal communication home to parents at the end of year - I ended up communicating things more informally: by email, at the recital, or in person and keeping formal assessments for myself.

Plan a year-end recital - Yes! A friend and I combined our studios for a joint recital in early June - it went really well!

Ashley Danyew | Goal Update


Present my research at Eastman - Yes! I presented a session for current and prospective doctoral students and the Music Education faculty in January. Also presenting my research at the University of Rochester this month.

Finish my course work and pass my qualifying exam - Almost there - finished my course work in May, writing one more paper this month, and then an oral exam in September.

Teach two workshops - Yes! I taught a workshop at the College Music Society Southern/Mid-Atlantic Regional conference in February and taught two classes at Music and Worship Arts Week last month.

Find ways to add value to others through writing or mentoring - My article on creative children's concerts was published this spring! I started a new monthly email newsletter in April - short notes of inspiration and creative ideas for music teaching! Sign up here. Also, I was interviewed for an exciting project - more details soon!

Ashley Danyew | 2014 Goal Update


Take intentional time off on weekends (and times off of social media) - Yes! So good for the soul. I've been more intentional about time off social media this month - I'd like to continue this in the months to come.

Plan adventures and trips with SD - We explored downtown Knoxville, TN; escaped for a ski weekend at a little mountain near us; went to the Busker Festival, the Lilac Festival and opening night of the Jazz Festival; visited a little farm vineyard in CT; and spent some time in Asheville, NC. Currently working on our summer bucket list for August!

Plan 90 minutes of intentional exercise per week - This is much easier in the summer, when we walk (1-3 miles) every day. I'd like to include more consistent bike exercise in my schedule in the months to come.

Read Margin -Yes! I also read A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman

Write more - not sure that I'm doing any more personal writing yet (though I've written five academic papers to date!)

Create an Artifact Uprising book for our first five years together - Almost done pulling pictures!

How are you doing on your goals for this year? It's never too late to start!