33 Choral Anthems with Organ Accompaniment

It’s that time of the year: Easter Sunday is past, and the choir year is beginning to wind down - time to start thinking about music for next year! Too soon?

Perhaps you have plans to attend a local reading session this summer or attend a music- or worship-related conference. Maybe you have some time carved out to sit down with a tall glass of sweet tea (or beverage of choice) and listen through those listening CDs that have been filling up your mailbox recently.

Or maybe you haven’t given it much thought yet (read: it’s only April!).

Whatever your plans are, it's always nice to hear about new music and keep a few things filed away for sometime in the future.

Over the years, I’ve shared numerous lists of my favorite anthems for church choirs (of all ages). Several of these lists have been geared toward adult choirs in smaller church settings and include anthems with piano accompaniment, as I recognize that’s a situation that a lot of you are in:

That being said, I know that some of you may be in a situation where you use organ accompaniment instead of piano most weeks and you have a larger adult choir or a group that is capable of singing more advanced music. 

If that sounds like you, you’re in luck! Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite choral anthems - all with organ accompaniment.

33 Choral Anthems with Organ Accompaniment

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1. What Shall I Offer My God?

SATB Choir with Organ
arr. Lloyd Larson

Based on James 4:10 and Micah 6:6-8, this anthem incorporates the familiar hymn, “Take My Life and Let It Be” (HENDON).

2. When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

SATB Choir with Organ
arr. Gilbert Martin

A stirring setting of this familiar hymn with accessible part-writing and powerful dynamic swells. Great for Lent or Holy Week.

3. Ah, Holy Jesus

SATB Choir with Organ
arr. Howard Helvey

A simple, yet rich setting of the familiar hymn text with beautiful original music. This anthem would be particularly effective during Holy Week.

4. Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise

SATB Choir with Organ, opt. Brass, Percussion, Piano
arr. Dan Forrest

Majestic and regal, this anthem features original music with text from Romans 8:31, the traditional LLANFAIR tune with optional congregational participation, and a pairing of both melodies at the end.

5. Risen Today!

SATB Choir with Piano, opt. Organ and Tambourine
Dan Forrest

An upbeat, rhythmic setting of Charles Wesley's Easter text with original music by Dan Forrest, this anthem is on the challenging side, but so fun!

6. Thine Is the Glory

SATB Choir with Piano, opt. Organ and Brass
arr. Mary McDonald

A regal setting of this traditional Easter hymn, full of grandeur and majestic part-writing. 

7. On the Third Day

SATB Choir with Organ, opt. Handbells, Brass, Timpani
Allen Pote

This anthem begins with a simple handbell ostinato and unison treble melody (or solo), recalling the events of Good Friday, followed by a powerful reminder that Christ has overcome the grave. Text from the Apostles' Creed acts as a rhythmic verse, marked by a return of the victorious chorus.

8. Draw Us In the Spirit's Tether

SAB or SATB Choir with Organ
arr. Sheldon Curry

Here is a traditional setting of this well-known hymn. One of my favorite texts!

9. Sing a New Song!

SATB Choir with Organ or Piano with opt. 2 Trumpets, Timpani, and Congregation
arr. Lloyd Larson

A majestic setting of Psalm 96 incorporating the hymn,"Sing Praise to God Who Reigns Above.”

10. We Believe

SATB Choir with Piano and/or Organ, opt. Congregation
Dan Forrest

A new and powerful statement of faith, set to an original hymn tune composed by Dan Forrest. The octavo includes a reproducible part for the congregation to join in on the fourth stanza.

11. Ave Verum

SATB Choir with Organ
W. A. Mozart/ed. Muller

A choral classic! Perfect for Communion Sundays.

12. Take My Life, That I May Be

SATB Choir with Organ
Scott Perkins

This anthem by Scott Perkins features lyrical and rich part-writing, while still being accessible for smaller church choirs.

13. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

SATB Choir with Piano 4-hand or Organ and opt. Handbells, Percussion, and Brass Quintet
arr. Dan Forrest

A creative interpretation of this joyful carol with sparkling piano 4-hand (or organ) accompaniment, majestic brass, percussion, and handbell parts, and rich choral harmonies, including a soprano descant at the end.

14. The Lord Bless You and Keep You

SATB Choir with Organ
Peter C. Lutkin

This anthem is beautiful as a blessing, anthem, or benediction response. The seven-fold Amen at the end can even be used as it’s own response throughout the year.

15. Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies

SATB Choir with Organ
T. Frederick H. Candlyn

Lyrical part-writing and rich, regal harmonies mirror Charles Wesley’s text in this classic choral setting.

16. In My Father’s House

SATB Choir with Organ
Philip Stopford

An exquisite setting of this text from John 14. A recurring chorus serves as an invitation to come and find rest, peace, and wholeness in the house of the Lord.

17. What Sweeter Music

SATB Choir with Organ
John Rutter

One of John Rutter’s most beloved Christmas anthems; challenging, but rewarding.

18. To the Lamb on the Throne

SATB Choir with Organ and opt. Brass Quintet and Timpani
Dan Forrest

With text from the familiar hymn, “Ye, Servants of God” and an emphasis on the phrase, “worthy is the Lamb,” this anthem would be wonderful on Easter Sunday or any of the Sundays that follow.

19. Come, Ye Faithful

SATB Choir with Organ
R. S. Thatcher

Accessible part-writing, with lots of unison passages, the text of this anthem makes it a great fit for the Sunday after Easter.

20. Soli Deo Gloria

SATB Choir with Organ, Brass Quartet, and Timpani
Marty Haugen

A celebratory anthem of praise comprised of five verses of powerful, poetic text, each one ending with the statement, “Soli Deo Gloria!”

21. The Servant Song

SATB Choir with Organ
David Schwoebel

Based on the hymn tune BEACH SPRING, this anthem incorporates the more contemporary text by Richard Gillard and text from Mark 9:35. It works well as part of a missions/outreach-based service, or for Sundays with a Mark 9 lectionary tie-in.

22. O Holy Jesus

SATB Choir with Organ
Jonathan Willcocks

Here is a gentle, beautiful, and expressive setting of an old 13th century prayer.

23. For the Beauty of the Earth

SATB Choir with Organ
John Rutter

A classic, dance-like setting of this familiar hymn text, this anthem is appropriate for use throughout the year.

24. Brother James’ Air

SATB Choir with Organ
arr. Mack Wilberg

A reflective, pastoral setting of this choral work, this anthem is based on Psalm 23 and would work well for Good Shepherd Sunday, the fourth Sunday after Easter.

25. Candlelight Carol

SATB Choir with Organ
John Rutter

A stirring, lullaby-like anthem, this Rutter work would be perfect for a candlelight Christmas Eve service.

26. Hallelujah Chorus

SATB Choir with Organ
George F. Handel/arr. Hal Hopson

An Easter classic! Sing the original (in D major) from The Messiah, or try this “practical” version arranged by Hal Hopson, featuring a lower key (C major) and a slightly simplified organ part. 

27. Breathe On Me, Breath of God

SATB Choir with Organ
Philip Wilby

An elegant and prayerful musical setting of this familiar hymn, this anthem is appropriate for Pentecost or throughout the year.

28. Wondrous Cross

SATB Choir with Organ
Philip Wilby

Incredibly moving and reflective, Philip Wilby's poignant setting of Isaac Watts’ text would be especially fitting for a Holy Week service. The setting features accessible part-writing with several unison passages.

29. Beneath the Cross of Jesus

SATB Choir with Organ and opt. Oboe, Flute, or Violin
arr. Hal Hopson

A beautiful instrumental obbligato, minimal organ accompaniment, and sensitive choral writing make this an exquisite anthem choice for Lent or Holy Week. The inclusion of the “Laudamus Te” text and shifting harmonies offer a new perspective on this traditional hymn text.

30. I Will Sing With the Spirit

SATB Choir with Organ
John Rutter

Based on 1 Corinthians 14:15, this joyful anthem features long lyrical lines and an active, flowing accompaniment.

31. God Be in My Head

SATB Choir with Organ
Philip Wilby

A nice setting of this prayerful text, the melody has several large leaps that may be challenging for some choirs, but may work well as a solo, for a chamber ensemble, or for an advanced adult choir.

32. Before the Marvel of This Night

SATB Choir with Organ
Carl Schalk

An elegant, quiet Christmas lullaby-like carol, this anthem had a simple verse-chorus structure and beautiful text.

33. Let Everything That Has Breath Praise the Lord

SATB Choir with Organ and Handbells
Mark Hayes

A joyful and regal setting of Psalm 150, the text of this anthem is augmented by organ accompaniment and sparkling handbells, with a recurring congregational refrain.

What are your favorite choral anthems with organ accompaniment?