Making Concerts Happen

We had a great experience with our webinar, “Presenting Concerts in Your Local Community: Creative Ideas for Making Concerts Happen Anywhere” on Monday night!  Hosted by Polyphonic On-Campus, Steve and I used the WCMW as a case study to explore strategies and ideas for creating community-centered events.  We shared our personal insight in getting to know your community, evaluating your assets, getting funded, and creating opportunities.  Ready to make concerts happen in your local community?  Get started by watching our webinar presentation!

This Week

This week:

- We enjoyed several sunny, warm days and afternoons with the windows open. - I made banana pudding for the first time. - We got a little carried away and tried to grill out one night. (We gave up and cooked inside once it got cold enough to see our breath.) - I attended an awesome branding webinar that got me all kinds of fired up for the months to come. - We gave an informal lecture recital to an audience of almost thirty enthusiastic listeners (recap coming soon!). - I encountered a few instances of plagiarism in my students’ papers.  Though struggling with how to deal with it, I am determined to turn this into a teaching opportunity. - We finished our federal tax return. - I introduced SD to the (southern?) expression, “Land sakes alive.” - We haven’t driven the car since Saturday!  Boy is it nice to work from home. - I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with my children’s choir by teaching them Irish hymns and two Irish group dances! - I got the latest Elle Decor in the mail and I plan on carving out some time this weekend to skim through it! - We had some awesome teaching moments. - We spent some time preparing for our WCMW webinar next Monday, March 19!  Sign up here – it’s free!

Happy weekend, friends!