Piano Assignment Sheets

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I started using weekly assignment sheets in my studio last year. I know from experience that written assignment sheets do not work for every student, but for most of my current students, they make a big difference in organizing home practice and keeping open communication with parents. Keeping a written record of projects, goals, and repertoire keeps all of us on the same page, even though we're only together for 30 minutes a week.

I thought it might be helpful to those of you considering using assignment sheets in your studio to have a roundup of some of the templates out there. For me, some of the key features of a weekly assignment sheets are:

- name and date (a way to personalize them for each student) - blocks for warm-ups or technic, a few repertoire pieces, and musicianship activities - a way to track practice time during the week

PianoPedagogy.org has a great post on using assignment sheets with several templates. In addition, Faber & Faber and Alfred have assignment books (I'm sure others do, as well). Some of these models include staff lines (for composition starters or warm-ups), the circle of fifths, keyboard legends (great for marking hand positions), and space to write messages to parents (and for parents to write messages to you!).

I used many of these models as inspiration for creating my own Piano Assignment Sheetย last year. This is what I use with my students on a weekly basis. Enjoy!

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