12 Favorite Supplemental Piano Books for Elementary Students


I love choosing supplemental repertoire for my students - even those who are still pretty new to reading and playing. I make recommendations to parents based on the student's interests and try to find supplemental books that complement the other music they are learning.

It can be challenging sometimes to find repertoire that is appealing, musical, and still at an accessible level, but I've found a few great collections that I go back to again and again.

Grab a cup of coffee and your favorite notebook - here are a few of my favorite supplemental books for elementary students:

1. Celebrated Lyrical Solos, Book 1 (Vandall)
2. Celebrated Piano Solos, Book 1 (Vandall)
3. Piano Etudes - Preparatory (Snell)
4. Martha Mier's Favorite Solos, Book 1 (Mier)
5. Sight Reading and Rhythm Every Day, Level 1A + 1B (Marlais)
6. PlayTime Popular, Level 1 (Faber)
7. PlayTime Classical, Level 1 (Faber)
8. PlayTime Jazz & Blues, Level 1 (Faber)
9. Side by Side, Part 1 (Glennon/Cooper)
10. A Day in the Jungle (George)
11. A Day in the Forest (George)
12. Be a Star! Hymns, Book 1 (Costley/Marlais)

What are your favorite supplemental resources for younger students? I'd love to hear your suggestions!

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