2019 Reading Session Picks: Children's Choir

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Looking for new anthem ideas for your choir? You’ve come to the right place.

This month, I’m sharing my top “Reading Session Picks” for church choirs (see my 18 anthem recommendations for Adult Choir + more to come).

Today, I’m sharing 10 new anthems for children's choirs (my favorites from all the ones I reviewed!).

The anthems on this list include opportunities for developing part-singing within your choir and adding in other instruments: handbells or handchimes and hand drum. I’ve said it before, but adding instruments to your choir anthems is a great way to develop musical independence, help develop your choir’s listening skills, and create a memorable and meaningful worship experience for all involved.

I know that not every piece on this list will work for your choir, but I hope you find at least one anthem you love.

Happy singing!

2019 Reading Session Picks: Children’s Choir

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Bethlehem Night (Terry Taylor)
Unison Voices with Piano + opt. 6 Handbells or Handchimes

A simple, singable anthem that tells the story of the Nativity in three verses. The final chorus reads: “What a wonder, what a story, what a joyful sight! Love is come, our God is with us, on this Bethlehem night.”

>> Listen to a recording here.

Prepare Ye the Way (Mark Burrows)
Unison/Two-Part Choir with Piano and Hand Drum

A lilting anthem for Advent, featuring an imitative section at the beginning and a quote from the chorus of “O Come, All Ye Faithful” using the traditional Latin text.

>> Listen to a recording here.

Four Sacred Rounds (Timothy G. Bushong)
Unison/Two-Part/Three-Part Choir, a cappella

Each round in this collection includes three standalone (unison) parts for use as introits, hymn introductions, or prayer responses. The parts may also be sung in 2- or 3-part canon as an anthem or offertory piece. Hymn pairing recommendations are included. Titles include: Sing a Joyful Song, Love Each Other, Give Thanks to God, and I Am Loved.

>> Listen to a recording here.

I’m Gonna Sing (arr. Audrey Snyder)
Unison Choir with Piano + opt. Descant

A fun, accessible setting of this spiritual, incorporating a jazzy piano accompaniment, handclaps, spoken elements, and an optional descant on the last verse.

>> Listen to a recording here.

What Then Will God Do With Me? (John Atteberry)
Unison/Two-Part Choir with Piano

A whimsical text about creation and how everything God creates has a place of worth. Set to long lyrical lines with supportive accompaniment.

>> Listen to a recording here.

As a Little Child (Joseph M. Martin)
Two-Part or SATB Choir with Piano

A gentle invitation to "come unto Jesus," incorporating a quote from “Jesus Loves Me” as a partner song. This would make a great combined choir piece, with children and women’s voices or using both the Two-Part version and the SATB version with children and adult voices.

>> Listen to a recording here.

Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel (arr. Roger Emerson)
Two-Part Choir with Piano

An accessible setting of this spiritual written for younger voices. Accessible two-part writing and a driving rock piano accompaniment make this a crowd favorite.

>> Listen to a recording here.

God Is Always There (Toni Sullivan)
Unison Choir with Piano

A sweet and tender reminder that God is always with us. Part of the Rote-to-Note series and very accessible for younger elementary choirs.

>> Listen to a recording here.

Thankful (Mark Burrows)
Unison/Two-Part Choir with Piano

A lovely Thanksgiving-themed anthem for young voices, incorporating a quote from “For the Beauty of the Earth” and naming God’s good gifts, both those we can see and those we can’t see.

>> Listen to a recording here.

Surrounded By Love (Mark Patterson)
Unison Choir with Piano + opt. Descant

A lyrical treble anthem with a powerful message: “We are surrounded by love!” Singable melodic lines and supportive accompaniment throughout.

>> Listen to a recording here.

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What are your favorite children’s choir anthems? What will you be singing with your choir this year?