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2019 Reading Session Picks: Youth Choir

2019 Reading Session Picks: Youth Choir

This month, after attending eight reading sessions and reviewing stacks of new anthems, I’m sharing my choral “Reading Session Picks” for 2019. So far, I’ve published 18 adult choir anthems and 10 children’s choir anthems.

Next in the series is youth choir anthems.

Now, depending on the size of your group and the ages you're working with (middle school singers vs. senior high singers), choosing music can be a little tricky.

Because of this, I tried to include a variety of anthems on this list: SATB, SAB or Three-Part Mixed, and even an SA anthem for those of you with smaller or younger groups (or not a lot of guys at the moment!).

Here are my 13 anthem picks for this year:

2019 Reading Session Picks: Children's Choir

2019 Reading Session Picks: Children's Choir

Looking for new anthem ideas for your choir? You’ve come to the right place.

This month, I’m sharing my top “Reading Session Picks” for church choirs (see my 18 anthem recommendations for Adult Choir + more to come).

Today, I’m sharing 10 new anthems for children's choirs (my favorites from all the ones I reviewed!).

The anthems on this list include opportunities for developing part-singing within your choir and adding in other instruments: handbells or handchimes and hand drum. I’ve said it before, but adding instruments to your choir anthems is a great way to develop musical independence, help develop your choir’s listening skills, and create a memorable and meaningful worship experience for all involved.

I know that not every piece on this list will work for your choir, but I hope you find at least one anthem you love.

2019 Reading Session Picks: Adult Choir

2019 Reading Session Picks: Adult Choir

This is one of my favorite posts to write each summer.

For the past several weeks, I’ve been reviewing literally hundreds of new choral releases and distilling them down to the 18 you’ll find on this list (+ a few other lists that I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks).

You should have seen how much music was in my suitcase coming back from Music and Worship Arts Week!

Today’s post is for adult church choirs.

I compiled my favorite new (or new-ish) anthems from 8+ reading sessions into a simple, readable guide that makes choosing new music for your choir a much easier (and less daunting) task.

2018 Reading Session Picks: Adult Choir

2018 Reading Session Picks: Adult Choir

It's that time of the year: time for my annual reading session picks!

Every year, I round up my top anthem picks from the latest publisher's catalogs, playlists, and reading sessions (plus, sometimes a few that aren't new that I've recently discovered and haven't shared here before) to give you a shortcut in your anthem-planning for next year.

First up, the Adult Choir edition. Here are my adult choir reading session picks from the last few years: