Top 10 Posts of 2017

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These last few weeks of the calendar year are always some of my favorite - time to reflect on a year well-lived and make big plans for the year to come.

Here are a few fun facts from this year:

2017 By the Numbers

Blog posts written: 81
Online courses created: 2
Online workshops created: 4
Videos recorded: 31
Emails written: too many to count!
Site visitors: 125,000+
Page views: 295,000+

I love looking back at where I started at the beginning of the year and all the things I learned, created, and experienced these last 12 months. But even more than that, I love learning about your favorites - what resonated with you, what was most helpful, what you've been able to use in your ministry and teaching.

So, I dug into the analytics and tallied up the numbers - the results are in! Here are the top 10 most-read posts of 2017 (in rank order):

Top 10 Posts of 2017

  1. How to Teach Your Children’s Choir to Sing in Parts
  2. 40 Call-and-Response Songs and Games for Children’s Choir
  3. Free Music for Church Choirs
  4. How to Develop Children’s Singing Voices in Choir
  5. Worship Planning Theme: The Good Shepherd
  6. What to Teach When in Children’s Choir: Younger Elementary
  7. Handbell Notation Guide [Infographic]
  8. Music for Stewardship: 40 Songs, Hymns, and Anthems
  9. Using the Narrative Lectionary: Recommended Resources
  10. 12 Practical Transition Songs to Teach to Your Children’s Choir

Which one is your favorite?

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Have a topic idea for next year? Please leave a comment below. I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!